Corporate Loan Program

The Corporate Art Loan Program is a curated visual art program that enables businesses to have original art displayed in their office spaces while directly supporting the artists that live and work in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is home to some incredible visual artists, many of them quite prolific. However the amount of people who purchase art is disproportionate to the amount of art produced, resulting in artist studios filled to the brim with amazing artworks gathering dust.

This program aims to solve this issue. The Corporate Art Loan Program curates 4-12 month long exhibitions in business offices around the city. The artists who participate will receive a fee for exhibiting their work and the works will also be available for sale. Businesses who are interested will meet with the Wave Pool curatorial team and steer the aesthetic vision for what will go in their exhibition.

Wave Pool does not have a ‘stable’ of artists to choose from. Rather, we use our expertise and knowledge of artists in Cincinnati to curate exhibitions based on each specific business’s vision. We are happy to curate a show that fits your business’s needs and works with you directly to make sure that the art that goes in your place of business is reflective of your priorities, goals, and mission.

If you are a business interested in being part of this program, please email us at or call 513.600.6117 to learn more or set up a preliminary appointment.