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Domus Candela - Opening Reception

Please join us for an opening reception for 'Domus Candela', a solo show by Erin Taylor. 

The show title Domus Candela loosely translates to ‘House Light.’ In this exhibition, hosted in the upstairs gallery at Wave Pool, Cincinnati-based artist Erin Taylor investigates the refractive properties of glass and how this shapes the ways in which humans perceive the world. From mirrors to cameras, from the microscopic to the telescopic, optical devices allow us to see beyond the limits of human vision. 

By heating, shaping, grinding and polishing we can alter glass and its’ refractive properties. The most minimal change in thickness or shape transforms how light travels through glass. Under close observation, a trained eye can see marks made on a piece of glass thousands of years old and know the process by which it was created. Tool lines and indications of heating methods become archived for an eternity. Each piece of glass has a story of its’ creation embedded in its’ being. 

Erin Taylor's work in Domus Candela utilizes lenses repurposed from rear-projection television lenses. As the components are aligned in a new configuration the lens becomes the mediator into the textural patterns of cast glass. An image that is a pure translation of object to projected surface emerges. This work is offered as a counterpoint to the deluge of images that we are inundated with on a daily basis. It invites the viewer to see beyond their visual limitations to experience light and the world around them. 

Domus Candela features the light installation ‘Chromatic Candela.’

Chromatic Candela (the three sisters), Repurposed Rear-Projection Television Lenses*, Hot Cast Glass, Light and Custom Fabricated Housing, 2016.

Note from artist: This show is dedicated in loving memory to my friend, patron of the St. Louis art scene for over a decade and the smartest person I have ever known, Melanie Frank (1953-2015). 

Music by permission of the artist Ron Coulter from his recent CD release Xtensions.

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with the group show in the downstairs gallery 'Everything Is Nothing With A Twist.' Both exhibitions open on December 3rd from 6-9pm.

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