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::CHAPPO PRESENTS:: The Singularity

It's time to celebrate all these wild revelations dealing with space and time!! String theory, Multiple and Parallel Universes, Gravitational Waves, Entanglement, and Quantuum Spookiness. Say whaaaaa? Come grab a beer or a glass of wine, and chill out with us at our interdimensional film screening. 

Are we forever trapped in viewing life through the lenses of our three dimensional eyes? Can we peer into the dimensions above? Can our imaginations coupled with the unknown tell us the truth of who and why we are what we are?

In attempting to further explore these ideas, CHAPPO Presents: "The Singularity" an interdimensional animated adventure viewed through the eyes of an astronaut named Rene and his journey to the center of a black hole in order to study its effects on his perception of time and sense of self.

Audience/performers, spectators/spectacles, observers/objects, creators/destroyers; all are welcome.......

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