Wave Pool's main gallery space is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-5pm. There are also often corresponding exhibitions in our Locker Room Gallery.


For Another Maggie

May 11 - June 1

“Old age is not a disease (...) it is strength and survivorship.” – Maggie Khun, founder of the Grey Panthers.

In May 2019 Wave Pool Artist in Residence Maggie Lawson will tap into the knowledge of Cincinnati’s elders to create intergenerational contemporary art.

Lawson will debut with a soft opening and community event in the gallery on Saturday, May 11th, from 6- 9pm, light refreshments will be provided. The opening will coincide with Top of the Cycle, a group show opening in our upstairs gallery along with performances by the local bands.

Lawson and her mother will be co-presenting a 4-week art and craft series for older adults to share their creative talents with the next generation. The series is entitled ‘Crafting A Starter Kit for Adulthood’ and will take place every Wednesday between April 17th – May 8th from 2:30-5pm in the gallery.

On May 9th Lawson will be presenting “Happy Birthday to Who?”, a five-course spring meal to celebrate the one thing that happens to us all, aging. The exhibition will close with a celebratory reception on Saturday, June 1st.


Upcoming Exhibitions:

For Another Maggie ASYS: Maggie Lawson
April - May
Oakland based artist Maggie Lawson will be exploring the emancipatory practices of intersectional activist and founder of the Grey Panthers, Maggie Khun, through a series of site-specific installations and performances entitled, For Another Maggie. The project has been ideated and will be orchestrated by artist Maggie Lawson in collaboration with her parents Jerry and Peggy Lawson and with other inspiring older people from Cincinnati’s aging community.

The 2019 Art Space is Your Space Residency Program is supported by Carrington Broeman and Camp Washington Community Board.

Uncanny Valley Curatorial Resident: David Corns
June 8 - July 27
Local architect and curator David Corns will curate an exhibition entitled, The Uncanny Valley, referencing the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it. Corns’ exhibition proposes that this experience of the uncanny valley can be appropriated from AI and robotics to the ordinary everyday. This feeling of uneasiness is experienced not just visually but through the other senses as well. Like the surrealists painters of the past, or a contemporary example of David Lynch, how can artists use the effect of uncanniness to address issues of everyday life--whether it be social, political or economic, to get to a deeper truth?

The 2019 Curatorial Residency is supported by individual and member contributions.

Temple Misto “Warm Nights” Placed Based Arts Festival in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
July 11 - 14
“Warm Nights” will be one week of hands-on, placed based art experiences and educational opportunities designed to engage the Ivano-Frankivsk community in a communal art practice. The festival will consist of 3-4 community art activities and 3-4 educational events/public conversations, culminating in a one-night, all-ages art event on the grounds of an empty industrial space, featuring the work of young Ukrainian artists and musicians (Alina Bukina, Animation Studio, and the Cancel x Band). “Warm Nights” addresses our city’s need to build community through creative events and placemaking.

Supported by a US Embassy Small Project Public Diplomacy Grant

What is the Harm in a Reach? ASYS: Abigail Smithson
July - August
Tucson based artist Abigail Smithson will collaborate on an art installation entitled, What is the Harm in a Reach?, with the basketball teams from a local STEM High School . She will ask the students to draw their own versions of "reaching", "extending", "a shot" and "passing", as examples of movements made in basketball; with the final iteration of the drawings in cyanotype print form. The goal of this work is an attempt to bridge a gap and allow for sports and art to coexist in a shared space.

The 2019 Art Space is Your Space Residency Program is supported by Carrington Broeman and Camp Washington Community Board.


The Curatorial Residency Program is supported by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign as well as through an ArtSTART award from the Ohio Arts Council, which receives support from the State of Ohio and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The 2018 Art Space Is Your Space Artist in Residency program is funded by a grant from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.