Wave Pool's main gallery space is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-5pm. There are also often corresponding exhibitions in our Locker Room Gallery.


Current Exhibition:

Check Point
Art Space Is Your Space Artist in Residence: Chelsea Flowers
March 8 – June 2

In May 2018 Wave Pool will be welcoming Detroit-based artist Chelsea Flowers, whose practice explores subversion to popular culture and how “otherness” is created, and social and cultural critique of her environment. She explores these ideas through comedic troupes, physical play, nostalgic memorabilia, and participatory performance. During her time in Cincinnati she will seek to answer the question, “Can we build communities through Play?” She has created a game that tests social, cultural, and emotional knowledge. By questioning “Did O.J. do it?” “What day did Beyonce turn Black?” “Can you walk like an Egyptian?” the game also wants to know if you can “list seven young men and/or women who were murdered by police in the past four years” As Flowers’ states, “A Player will be challenged in various means. The game will ask them to be okay with not knowing an answer, and to feel even more comfortable with knowing how to ask for the answer. That’s the functionality of a community. We create our own communities based on what we share and how we care for one another. Participants will be able to show their care through play (verbal discussion), dance (intellectual conversation with one’s body) and investigation (openness to learning).”

 Image credit: Chelsea Flowers

Image credit: Chelsea Flowers


Upcoming Exhibitions:

Let It Grow
July 17 - September 1

Wave Pool Pool Party
August 18

Social Medium: Photography as a Tool for Community Collaboration
September 15 – November 10
Social Medium exhibits and facilitates projects that create archives of communities that are made collaboratively with the communities they are documenting. Artists have made a place for themselves in the world of social work, being recognized as instigators for community redevelopment and being able to build communication and collaboration in communities through creative means. This exhibition will display the results of several of these collaborative approaches to photography, as well as see a community-based shared photography project to fruition with our own community.  

Invisible Labor
November 17 - January 5
When done well, the labor done by art preparatory crews (frequently made up of teams of working artists,) is invisible. For this show, Wave Pool is teaming up with local art handlers and preparatory crews from area art institutions to put on an exhibition that aims to make visible the labor and practice of building, installing and creating art exhibitions. Exhibition installation succeeds when it is invisible and seemingly effortless, yet those who do this kind of preparatory work are often artists themselves. By highlighting the invisible labor of those working the back of the house in our area arts organizations, we are underlining the efforts of those whose work is often left out of the artistic canon.


Past Exhibitions:


The Curatorial Residency Program is supported by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign as well as through an ArtSTART award from the Ohio Arts Council, which receives support from the State of Ohio and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The 2018 Art Space Is Your Space Artist in Residency program is funded by a grant from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.