Wave Pool's main gallery space is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-5pm. There are also often corresponding exhibitions in our Locker Room Gallery.


Current Exhibition:

1,954 Miles
Curtatorial Resident: Harry Sanchez Jr.
March 31 – April 28
In this political moment of post-truth news, there are many uninformed ideas about people living along the U.S./Mexico border that are perpetuated and consumed by both media and politicians alike- and those living these sites are perhaps the most vulnerable to the consequences. Wave Pool Curatorial Resident Harry Sanchez Jr. – himself a boarder artist – will curate work as a response to the current administration, and the ways in which those living along the Mexican border have been specifically targeted.  Paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints as well as live-streamed murals projected onto buildings will be a voice for people who are always spoken of but have little political voice themselves. 

   Isabel Sola, "The World is Ours," 2017 acrylic 8x8", for the exhibition 'WITH NO MEMORIES WITH NO TIES NO PHANTOMS TO TEND FOR'

Isabel Sola, "The World is Ours," 2017 acrylic 8x8", for the exhibition 'WITH NO MEMORIES WITH NO TIES NO PHANTOMS TO TEND FOR'


Upcoming Exhibitions:

Check Point
Art Space Is Your Space Artist in Residence: Chelsea Flowers

Neighborhood Archeology Exchange
Art Space Is Your Space Artists in Residence: SV Randall and Kim Craig

Wave Pool Pool Party
August 11

Social Medium: Photography as a Tool for Community Collaboration
September 15 – November 10
Social Medium exhibits and facilitates projects that create archives of communities that are made collaboratively with the communities they are documenting. Artists have made a place for themselves in the world of social work, being recognized as instigators for community redevelopment and being able to build communication and collaboration in communities through creative means. This exhibition will display the results of several of these collaborative approaches to photography, as well as see a community-based shared photography project to fruition with our own community.  


Past Exhibitions:


Curatorial Resident: Abby Friend

Midwest Markdowns
Curatorial Resident: SUBSTUDIO

1,954 Miles
Curatorial Resident: Harry Sanchez Jr. 

Neighborhood Archeology Exchange
ASYS: SV Randall and Kim Craig

Check Point
ASYS: Chelsea Flowers


The Personal Is Political


Still They Persist

Tracing the Ground

One Line Over the Other

Animal Magnetism

The Gathering Space

Kate Cunningham

Scavenged and Improvised
ASYS: Natusha Croes

Prayer Flags for Cincinnati
ASYS: Whitney Sage



Solo Show

Most Likely To Succeed


Post Fabrication

Where Are You Starting?
ASYS: Erin Colleen Johnson


Guest Curator


Stairwell's Fieldtrips
ASYS: Stairwell's

Cincinnati Artist Survival

Solo Show

Guest Curator

Holding Ground

Self Published?


The Curatorial Residency Program is supported by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign as well as through an ArtSTART award from the Ohio Arts Council, which receives support from the State of Ohio and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The 2018 Art Space Is Your Space Artist in Residency program is funded by a grant from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.