Wave Pool Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Eligibility Requirements 

We fiscally sponsor a wide range of projects in arts and culture. To be considered for fiscal sponsorship, your project must:

  • Pair community needs with artist sense of possibility

  • Serve a charitable purpose, be non-commercial in nature, or have a community benefit

  • Have plans for raising funds from charitable sources such as foundations or individual donors. Project funding can't come from investors.

  • Have a committed project director

After you submit your application:

  • We review your application to determine if your project meets our criteria

  • We set up an in-person interview to learn more about your project

  • We determine whether to approve the project

If your project is accepted:

  • We set up an orientation meeting with your project's lead representative(s)

  • During this meeting, we review and sign a contract

  • We designate one person to be your project's legal representative

  • Contracts are signed for a trial period of one year. We renew your project based on your goals and progress.  


  • $25 nonrefundable application fee

  • 5% admin fee on income deposited into your sponsored account

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How did you hear about Wave Pool sponsored?

 To finish application please send the following to wavepoolgallery (at) gmail (dot) com

  • 3 relevant work samples

  • Completed budget form

  • Resume and Bio of project lead