Our story

Wave Pool is an a contemporary art fulfillment center located in Camp Washington at 2940 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225. Our gallery is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 12–5pm.

Wave Pool is a dynamic place where art intersects with community. We act as a catalyst for social engagement and cultivate artistic development.

Our Board of Directors has recently coined Wave Pool as the place where art intersects with community. We can’t think of a more exciting way to frame a new arts space. We ‘lead from behind’ – allowing the neighborhood and artists to tell us what needs to happen. We are creating a platform, a way for artists to play an integral role in our city. Named the ‘Most Ambitious Alternative Art Space’ of 2016 by CityBeat, our small organization is stretching our time and dollar to facilitate as many artist-directed projects, exhibitions, and community programs as possible. We are growing quickly and making a name for Cincinnati as a place where art happens. 

We are also distinct in our passion for helping young artists. We’re very directly making a name for the artists we show, and for Cincinnati’s art scene, by doing this. Wave Pool is also interested in proactively engaging the larger, broader community, specifically in Camp Washington. We present art that is a catalyst for change, providing new ways to experience and transform our city.

Wave Pool is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and receives support from foundations, sponsors, and individuals. Please consider giving to Wave Pool this year. Your generosity makes each facet of Wave Pool’s programming possible.

Wave Pool is located in an old firehouse in Camp Washington, Cincinnati. Our space consists of a gallery, artist studios, and woodshop. We also host one artist in residence at a time through our artist in residence fellowship program. If you would like to host a performance, class, or event in our space, or are interested in volunteering or partnering with us in someway, please contact us at wavepoolgallery@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you!

Wave Pool is grateful to the funders listed below who contribute to our 2017-18 programs, exhibitions, and operations. Without their support it would not be possible to fulfill our mission to be a catalyst for social engagement and cultivate artistic development. 

We also would like to thank our members. Without you Wave Pool would not be the place where art intersects with community. Thank you to:

Valerie Allen, Stephanie Burkhart, Kelly Carr, Mark deJong, Linda Einfalt, Mel Fickenscher, Katie Fiebig, Duffy Garber, Joseph Gorman, Mark Harris, Jaclin Hastings, Michelle Henderson, John Humphries, Chris Kaimbach, Tim Kilbane, Elizabeth Knodle, Anissa Lewis, Michael Mann, Didem Mert, Mary Jo Minerich, Emri Mor, Danielle Mor, Will Ogdan, Tim Reeder, Michael Reuter, Linda Schwartz, Maria Seda Reeder, Lisa Snowden, Sarah Thomas, Jaime Thompson, Rodney Thompson, Shawnee Turner, Nikki Volpenhein, Sara Vance Waddell, Margy Waller, Margaret Weiner, Leslie and Rick Wolf, Derick Woodam, Craig Clements and Tracey Featherstone.