Productions of Time: A Light Installation Opera

Following their collaborative staging of Christopher Logue's All Day Permanent Red at the Mercantile Library in April 2017, Cincinnati ensemble and light installation collective Intermedio and theater group Foundling's Voices will perform an original chamber piece, Productions of Time, at Wave Pool on Friday & Saturday, May 11th & 12th, at 8 pm. The performance will feature actor Landon Hawkins, soprano Page Michels, percussionist Zach Larabee, saxophonist Om Srivastava, clarinetist Andrea Vos-Rochefort, and the art of Luke Lehenbauer.

Also featured: Kodachrome slide projectors, The Barber Shop by Edward Hopper, light installation by Intermedio, an impatient and self-interrogating university lecturer, a grandmother kneeling toward a grandfather's grave, a forgotten poet of the 20th century, a GeoCities website, a woman who vanishes into eternity while looking at a city clock:

"Joy overflowed her until there was nothing to overflow”

Composed by Sam Ferris-Morris and Justin West
Libretto by Adam Kosan
Art by Luke Lehenbauer

Landon Hawkins as Lecturer
Page Michels, soprano
Andrea Vos-Rochefort, clarinet
Justin West, projections, vocals, and electronics
Om Srivastava, saxophone
Sam Ferris-Morris, electric piano and synthesizer
Zach Larabee, percussion

This was a one time happening recorded live on May 12th, 2018 in our Locker Room Gallery