Archive of Creative Culture is a nomination based, participatory project documenting the histories of respected creative thinkers. 

As a cultural resource, Archive of Creative Culture results in a collection of books sourced from revered visual, performing and literary artists, musicians, curators, and cultural figures.Each book in the collection is identified as being THE go-to reference, source of inspiration or represents a pivotal moment in the contributor’s life. Nominations provided by Archive contributors are used in visualizing the creative network. 

Since 2014, the Archive of Creative Culture Collection has been growing through a series of nationwide pop-up exhibitions. The project travels in a reimagined 1973 Argosy Airstream, providing access to the collection and presents exhibitions of works by experimental artists.


Swing House by Mark De Jong

Swing House is an art house, a four story open installation, a reassembled folly, a soaring vertical construct.

Its a mathematical theme puzzle, a series of textures and geometries, of patterns and historical surfaces both exposed and repurposed, all drawn from the original 1800’s house itself.

The house is the art and the art is entirely derived of the house, as if it built itself anew or is remembering itself from a distance. Its meant to be shared, a place to assemble, to bunk over certainly, but not a residence. The memory of those days echo through the walls.

Swing House was partially sponsored by Wave Pool Gallery.

 Photos by Hailey Bollinger

Photos by Hailey Bollinger