A Product of Sand: Workshop with RIAS Studio

Join Art Space Is Your Space Artists in Residence, RIAS Studio for a unique workshop focused on the creation of local glass. This 2-day event will take place on Sunday, May 22nd from 1-3pm and May 23rd 6-7pm.

The most familiar and prevalent glass recipe is soda-lime glass, primarily consisting of silica, aided by fluxes, to bring down the glass' melting temperature, and a binder, for structural support. Through this workshop we will become familiar with the origin and production of glass. On the first day of the workshop we will create glass formulas using local materials. As a guide, we will reference historical glassmaking recipes, also called 'batch' formulas. Overnight we will expose our batch recipes to extreme temperatures in the kiln, resulting in the vitreous transformation. On the second day of the workshop we will come back together to "gather" the molten glass, which we will sculpt into small material samples. Participants are invited to bring materials from home for inclusion in her or his glass recipe from a list of suggested materials.

Beach Sand
Wood Ash
Washing Soda
Seashells/Discarded Shells from Shellfish
Silica Gel (found in packaged foods like beef jerky to control moisture)
Antacid Tablets (Tums or Alka-Seltzer)
Sidewalk Chalk



May 14