Current Exhibition:

Start Over Tomorrow While There is Still Time

March 2 - April 6

Wave Pool Gallery is proud to present ‘Start Over Tomorrow While There’s Still Time,’ an exhibition showcasing artists who embrace wit and absurdity through ink on paper as a way to better cope with everyday life. This group exhibition features quirky linework and unpredictable texts that inspire us, give us positive energy, and make us smile.

Artists include Karen Boyhen, Macartney Greer, Kyle Knobel, Nathaniel Russel, and Evan Verrilli.

Several of the artists are also putting on public interactive events as a way to extend their work out into the community. Kyle Knobel, a visiting artist from San Francisco, will be hosting a record club listening party at the gallery on March 3rd, encouraging attendees to bring a few songs they are excited about to share. At Urban Artifact on March 16th, Karen Boyhen will similarly be engaging with the public, drawing pictures of anyone interested in having a portrait done and listing their ‘likes and dislikes’ next to their image.

The exhibition will open with an opening reception with the artists on March 2nd from 6-9pm and will run until April 6th, 2019.

Everyone is welcome. Strictly good vibes.

This exhibition is sponsored by Carl and Elizabeth Solway

Fake Flier,  Nathaniel Russell

Fake Flier, Nathaniel Russell

Featured social practice Project:

Cincinnati’s Table

The Welcome Project (a project of Wave Pool) was chosen as the partner organization for a pilot project developed as part of United Way’s ‘The Shift’ program, entitled ‘Cincinnati’s Table’. With this grant The Welcome Project will hold one meal per month for 13 months. These dinners will be held in neighborhoods where we have immigrant and refugees living, inviting the local neighborhood to be part of the meal, allowing everyone a chance to get to know each other, building friendships, and highlighting the neighborhood.

The Welcome Project is planning each of these meals to revolve around theme or focus (such as peace- making, introductions, diaspora, etc.), which will be introduced by a local artist through an interactive artwork or installation, and also strengthened by food cooked by both by an immigrant or refugee of the neighborhood in order to best start conversations across many groups and bridge divides within our city. Each dinner will be in a different part of the city and will be a partnership with another community organization in order to best reach and include a diverse group of neighborhood voices at each dinner table.

This series of meals began in late October at Tikkun Farm in Mt. Healthy with the theme of “repair/restore”. In October 2019, the final meal will be a pot-luck and will also be the reveal of a culminating cook book that features all of the chefs, artists, and organizations that partook in this year-long project.

This project is supported by United Way.



The Welcome Project is a social enterprise that empowers marginalized and at risk refugees and immigrants in Cincinnati by providing jobs, education, and community.
More information can be found at www.welcomecincinnati.org .