Current Exhibition:

Everything Is Nothing With A Twist

December 3rd, 2016 - January 14th, 2017

Investigating minimal artwork can ironically reveal our own individual value and humanity that we project onto inanimate objects. “Everything is nothing with a twist,” is a quote from Kurt Vonnegut which was chosen to summarize this fertile ground of self-interpretation through different constructions and approaches to minimal objects. As Michael Fried famously discussed in “Art and Objecthood,” minimalist objects can simply be everyday objects outside of “art.” An argument also commonly made is that the same picture plane can be interpreted as a detail of something larger or a world contained within itself. For instance, Christian Davies works with repeating geometric patterns to suggest an infinity of space while Connie Goldman’s work seems to fold in on itself creating internal shifts. This exhibition seeks to confront these issues with contemporary artists who are finding fertile ground within these predefined parameters. An immersion in these varying approaches aims to reveal the way we personally construct meaning from the world. 

Includes work by
Sharon Brant, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Jennifer Crowe, Christian Davies, Maxwell Feldmann, Connie Goldman, Matt Lynch, and Rick Wolhoy

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with 'Domus Candela' a solo show by Erin Taylor in the upstairs space at Wave Pool.


Sharon Brant, Minus Space Gallery #2, 2011

Sharon Brant, Minus Space Gallery #2, 2011

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