Current Exhibition:

A Product of Sand

May 14th - June 4th, 2016

2016 winners of an 'Art Space Is Your Space' residency award, Sam Ihrig and Anna Riley, also known as RIAS Studio, will be staying at Wave Pool for the month of May 2016. While in Cincinnati, RIAS Studio will experiment with creating site-specific glass using raw materials, which will be harvested locally and regionally, to explore the intimacy between maker and material, material and place. An exhibition featuring works related to this project will open on May 14th from 7-10pm at Wave Pool Gallery and will continue to evolve throughout the month of their residency with Wave Pool. 

RIAS's studio at Wave Pool, May 2016

RIAS's studio at Wave Pool, May 2016

Upcoming Exhibition:

Plant Rehabilitation Center

July 10th - 22nd, 2016

The second residency in 2016 will be held by artist team Valerie Molnar & Matt Spahr, both currently living in Richmond, Virginia. During their time at WavePool they will transform the gallery into a plant rehabilitation center with multiple pop up greenhouses. Visitors will be encouraged to bring plants in for “drop-off” for as long as they’d like for their plants to receive specialized care.  The plants will be groomed, repotted, fed, and enjoy incentive and comforts for optimal happiness such as appropriate light and humidity zones, tesla healing plates, disco lights for sunset, and twelve hours of plant appropriate music. Additional programming in the form of workshops pulled from the community would meter the ongoing rehabilitation.  

Upcoming Events