Wave Pool is a dynamic place where art intersects with community.



Current Exhibition:


June 9th-23rd

Staycation is a social and community outreach effort with our neighbors in Camp Washington to set the stage for community conversation and visioning—with an island or poolside vibe.

The goal is to interact with residents and business owners—taking the proverbial temperature of our quickly changing community at a precarious time in our development—and centering the needs of our neighbors. The results of our open-ended surveys will help to inform Wave Pool’s ongoing strategic plan and include a collaborative community vision for the organization.

With a bright painting installation by Wave Pool studio artist Chase Melendez, an oversized Wave Pool maze by Rodney Thompson, Utopian community chairs by conceptual designer Kelly Hayes and several inflatables by Working Girls Co., the gallery space has transformed into a destination for information gathering, community conversation, and playful summer fun in the neighborhood! Check out all the event details on our Events page.


Featured social practice Project:

S.P.A. Salon

Safety, Planning, and Awareness (S.P.A.) Salon is a confidential space where we will talk openly about SEX. Things will get REAL, but we will listen, share, and ask you to tell us how you really feel. Because sex isn’t anything without feeling!


Calling all Artists! 

Mark your calendars for August 18th, 6-11pm, Wave Pools first drawing marathon! It'll be totally sports/running/swimming style with numbers on your back and bleacher seating for the fans. There will be drinks. There will be popcorn. There will be a referee to keep you all in line! 

Just as with any charitable marathon, each 'team member' artist will be asked to get sponsors for their participation. The main difference is that with this marathon, we'll be splitting whatever you make 50/50 with you to better support your own artistic endeavors! There's no minimum amount to raise - so don't worry if you're only sponsor is $2.25 from your grandma. We welcome all participants. We'll also have lots of drawing supplies available or you can bring your own - All of the works created during the event will be immediately hung on the wall and sold as part of the fundraiser. Please consider signing up and taking part in this sure to be fun and interesting way to raise money (for yourself and Wave Pool!). Here's the link - become a team member and share to get sponsors! 


Upcoming Events:

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