Illustration by Christian Schmit

Illustration by Christian Schmit

Advice For Future Homecomers

Dates: September 13 - November 10, 2019

Wave Pool takes on the People’s Liberty Space to help celebrate five years of community impact.

“When you take such a basic human staple as bread, it really allows for complicated conversations to arise. It is an entry point into these communities.” –Baker and Artist Lexie Smith

Wave Pool is thrilled to organize the final exhibit in the People’s Liberty storefront, aimed at inviting reflection and exchange around homecoming and what it looks like to engage in our changing communities with thoughtfulness and care.

Christian Schmit started Tall’s Bread just over a year ago as a way to better connect with his neighbors and to become a ‘non-invasive species’ that is integral to the function of his city. A trained illustrator and sculptor, Schmit is interested in his art practice becoming something that is both fundamental and accessible. The tradition of breadmaking seems like the perfect answer. He uses a shared kitchen in a church in Covington and drives around and delivers bread to people in their homes. In his words, “baking is a conduit through which I can talk about emotional issues. . . I’m not invading, I’m moving around, making contact with people, and making very good bread accessible.”

Schmit’s baking practice is the cornerstone for an installation and programming series that will involve multiple artists, bakers, poets, and puppeteers interested in shaping the character of a city in ways that honor the culture of a place.

Artists include The Archive of Creative Culture, Elese Daniels, Lizzy Duquette, Llewellyn Fletcher, Christian Schmit, and Catherine Whithead. The exhibition and programs are curated by Calcagno Cullen of Wave Pool. 

Each Friday and Saturday join Schmit in the storefront for Pretzel Baking between 9-11am, followed by a roving pretzel cart around Findlay Market from 12noon until the pretzels run out. Grab a pretzel in exchange for advice for future Cincinnatians.

The last 4 Fridays of the exhibition Lizzy DuQuette will be performing shadow puppet shows in the storefront.

There will be a panel discussion on October 19th between baker/farmer James Luckett, artist Christian Schmit, Dean’s Mediterranean owner Kate Zaiden, and People’s Liberty Fellow Asa Featherstone.

The project will also leave behind a zine designed by Megan Trishler of collected advice for Cincinnatians alongside bread recipes to help lead us to a better future.

Megan Trishler of People’s Liberty says of the exhibit, “More than a bold capstone to mark the conclusion of People's Liberty, Advice for Future Homecomers embodies a question so many of us are asking: how do you preserve the spirit of a changing neighborhood? Cal's thoughtful curation invites a diverse mix of artists to engage the question (and the city) in ways that feel true to the surrounding Findlay Market neighborhood."

People’s Liberty is located at 1805 Elm St. and will be open to the public for this exhibition Thursday – Saturday 10-4am. More information about this project can be found at and

IF YOU GO (all events at People’s Liberty unless noted)

Opening Reception and Pretzel Tasting,
6-9pm. Friday, September 13th 

Pretzel Baking Workshops, 9am-11am, Fridays and Saturdays

Pretzel Cart Activation, 12pm until pretzels run out, Fridays and Saturdays (in Findlay Market area)

Puppet Shows, 8pm on October 18th, October 25th, November 1st, and November 8th 

Panel Discussion with Asa Featherstone, James Luckett, Christian Schmit, and Kate Zaiden, Saturday, October 19th, 2-4pm

Poetry Reading and Pretzel Knot Class, Thursday, October 24th, 6-9pm

Discussion with Amy Franceschini and Lode Vranken from Future Farmers, Saturday, November 16th