Beyond The White Savior


January 26 - February 15

Wave Pool hosted a collective show featuring collaborative artwork by Kenyan & American artists. Including a film screening of Nairobi Half Life, a feature film about Kenyan youth and their realities. A very interactive circle style authentic conversation about the film & the displayed art. Facilitation led by Jamey Ponte a change maker, artist & activist living in East Africa. He shares a seldom heard truth about perspectives of sustainability & conflicts in wildlife conservation, human rights issues & environmental approaches. With more than 15 years of experiences living in urban slums, villages & extremely rural bush. Meet with Jamey & be a part of the discussion.

Works include artists: Otieno Gomba, Anita Kavochy, Steve Kenza, Patrick Kibe, Philip Mghanga, Jamey Ponte, Kevo Stero & Patrick Othieno. Artists work collectively on social justice issues in Kenya and use art to create awareness & sustain survival for them & their family. Works have intention to use repurposed materials, found paints & objects. Most paintings’ canvases come from the old sails of our Indian ocean dhows know as Swahili Jahazis.