Camp Washington Capsule


The Camp Washington Capsule project was made in September and October 2018. This project was commissioned by FotoFocus as part of the 2018 Biennial, in response to the theme of “The Archive.” Eliza Gregory was invited to Wave Pool to complete this project, and she invited Gemma-Rose Turnbull to work with her. Turnbull came from Australia to complete the onsite work, and Gregory advised the project from Woodland, California.

25 community members were interviewed over the period of the residence. We focused on those people intentionally growing the place (through art, food, and other making) as well as those long term residents extending their knowledge to newcomers.

We had surveys in place in the gallery, and the questions were used as the loose basis of the interviews. Material was collected from sources like Facebook groups, which included posts and clippings, as well as from the people interviewed. Photographs were made by digital and film cameras, as well as cell phone. Surveys, articles, photographs, books, and other materials were scanned.

This publication should be thought of as a catalogue of the available material. The images, scans, and text included here are available as a digital archive to be accessed and used as needed by future artists as well as by the current and future community of Camp Washington. The graphic design for this project was adapted by Gemma from artist Nicole Lavelle’s work on Massive Urban Change in 2014.