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Artists Nathan Meyer and Zach Evans show semi-recent works in the upper floor gallery at Wave Pool. Their works reflect on meaning-making, and feature mounted Polaroids, paintings, prints and photography.

Nathan’s Statement
I became fixated on the idea of capturing these little non memories and the emotions behind them. I took over a hundred Polaroid’s over the course of these months. I felt that Polaroid’s best captured these moments because they were able to instantly make a non significant moment, physical, and therefore significant. The "non-memories" are presented with alterations, a scorch mark or a pen drawing, to illustrate the emotional state behind them. The actual memories are presented as they happened. The Polaroid’s are presented linearly, as both memories and non-memories.

Zach’s Statement
Meaning in life! How could there be? Moments fade away so fast. And if they stayed, bitter
A struggle with futility? Persistent dissatisfaction is manufactured
Completeness? Exploration opposes stagnation
Happiness is distraction. Emptiness propels. Happiness is narrow. Joy is untouched