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They Push Things to See Where They’ll Go - Opening

They Push Things to See Where They’ll Go is a group exhibition showcasing the intimate works of the DAAP Fine Arts thesis body, curated by Aubrey Theobald. The excerpt THE VITAL, SWEET, AND SAD, pulled from Kathleen Stewarts “Ordinary Affects”, complements the sincere gestures of identity, collaboration, and the instigation of new moves the work of Claire Kennedy, Yawen Huang, Alexa Hamilton, Nina Devine, Meri Fleisch, M’shinda Imani Abdullah-Broaddus, Corey Allen Davis, Matt Caudill, Ryan Kerr, and Rachel Diller.

These students are learning the rules to break them. The institution has, thus far, served as a container of art making to break out of for these artists. On the horizon is a massive shift in making. This exhibition serves a look into the quiet gestures of objects from a collective group of artists that have been so carefully intertwined within the last four years. 

“Living in the state of being ‘wide open,’ these guys can take on all the good and bad in the world at one time or another. But this is not a state of chaos of sheer negation. It’s more like a work of initiating, calling out, inciting. Just to see what happens. Even if it’s not much,” (Kathleen Stewart).

Participating artists in They Push Things, in Wave Pool’s second floor Locker Room Gallery space include: M’shinda Imani Abdullah-Broaddus, Matt Caudill, Corey Allen Davis, Nina Devine, Rachel Diller Meri Fleisch, Alexa Hamilton, Yawen Huang, Claire Kennedy, and Ryan Kerr.