In an effort to add more voices and diversity to writing about local art and issues, Wave Pool has teamed up with the University of Cincinnati to create 'FieldTrip'!

"FieldTrip is an online arts forum created by a coalition of college students based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are documenting and responding to art events, exhibitions, and contemporary issues that speak to our geography, interests, and practices. As a group we are establishing an online forum for students to explore and expand their individual voices in writing and critical thinking about the arts and issues of the contemporary world. FieldTrip aspires to offer new and needed perspectives on the arts in our city, and the issues of our time."
Fieldtrip was created through a collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and Wave Pool. Spearheaded by DAAP Fine Arts undergrad Macartney Greer, UC faculty member Maria Seda-Reeder edits the student-driven journal, and the first issue was published online at fieldtripcincinnati.com in late April 2017.