Fresh Error

FRESH ERROR is a two-day creative forum featuring renegades, rebels and wild thinkers providing supplemental perspectives in design, art, architecture, fashion, technology, commerce and culture. The aim is to inspire the Cincinnati creative community through exposing them to new ideas and radical creative thinking. Our goal is to build and support a creative community inspired to shift thought surrounding creative ideation and execution towards brave innovation; to ultimately encourage attendees to seek out and inject impudent ideas into their everyday processes.

This project is a non-profit initiative created by C-90, the multi-disciplinary creative consultancy of B. Emmit Jones and Christopher A. Ritter. C-90 operates under the belief that if you're not interesting you're not relevant. The studio serves brave clients wanting to be transported to where consumer attention lives and where most (brands) fear to tread.

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Fresh Error is supported by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile/U.S. Bank Foundation.

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