Wave Pool is a dynamic place where art intersects with community.



Current Exhibition:


May 8th - May 26th

Wave Pool is welcoming Detroit-based artist Chelsea Flowers, whose practice explores subversion to popular culture and how “otherness” is created, and social and cultural critique of her environment. She explores these ideas through comedic troupes, physical play, nostalgic memorabilia, and participatory performance. During her time in Cincinnati she will seek to answer the question, “Can we build communities through Play?” She has created a game that tests social, cultural, and emotional knowledge. By questioning “Did O.J. do it?” “What day did Beyonce turn Black?” “Can you walk like an Egyptian?” the game also wants to know if you can “list seven young men and/or women who were murdered by police in the past four years.”


Featured social practice Project:

S.P.A. Salon

Safety, Planning, and Awareness (S.P.A.) Salon is a confidential space where we will talk openly about SEX. Things will get REAL, but we will listen, share, and ask you to tell us how you really feel. Because sex isn’t anything without feeling!


The Parking lot art experiment - May 20

May 20, 2018 – 1-5pm artists on the edge will take over a parking lot in Camp Washington. A place to share/ display/ produce art that doesn’t ‘fit’ the commodified, reductive arena of typical fairs. Attend to partake in the action and see/feel/be LIVE ART

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