Made In Camp


Camp Washington has always been a place of makers. Meatpackers, chili makers, sign benders, artists, metal workers… you name it, we probably make it here in Camp Washington. These yearly open studio events are the chance to celebrate these makers and offer Greater Cincinnati the chancer to explore secret artist studios, galleries, maker spaces, a foundry and a neon making shop. FREE!

From 2017, each year Camp Washington’s community of 40-plus artists, galleries and makers collaborate on a big Saturday open house on the second Saturday of October. Designated “Made in Camp,” the tour is complimented by demonstrations offered by several Camp Washington manufacturers.

Made in Camp invites you to explore artist studios, maker spaces and creative manufacturers in Camp Washington. Meet printers, painters, welders, musicians and others who make something out of nothing!

An updated brochure is available each year listing The Camp’s artists, galleries and makers and incorporating a locator map for the convenience of visitors. You can find the most recent brochure here. Brightly colored signs hung along the route will match up with the numbered artist locations on the map.

Participating Artists and Venues:
American Sign Museum
Gratia Arts
Camp Washington Urban Farm
Mom'n'em Coffee
Ariana Rinehart
Alley Way Projects
Edward-Victor Sanchez
Brett Ferguson Schieszer
The Swing House
Julia Lipovsky
Kevin White
Kaighte White
Lo Dolla Holla
Robert Fronk
Gillian Thomas
The Fringe
Andrew McKinley
Camp Washington Chili
Casting Arts & Technology
Schenz Theatrical Supplies
Wave Pool
Calcagno Cullen
Skip Cullen
Scottie Bellissemo
Karay Martin
Chase Melendez
Madeline Walker
Camp Washington Community Board
Anne Skove
The Welcome Project
Emil Robinson
First Toymaker to the King
Rick Mallette
Erika Nj Allen Photography
Sean Mullaney
Anna Petersen
Sunny Blu
CampSITE Sculpture Park
Archive of Creative Culture
Dicere Gallery
Robert J. Morris Studio
Widow and Spinster
The Post 34
Stewart Goldman
Brush Factory Woodshop
Pull Club

The Made In Camp event is co-organized by Wave Pool, CampSITE Sculpture Park, and the Camp Washington Community Board. The maps are designed by Hannah Williams, printed by SpringDot, and sponsored by Wave Pool and the Camp Washington Community Board.