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February 2018
CityBeat: Wave Pool offers Evil Eye glove making class to prep for March 24th March for Our Lives
Dark Asana Yoga

January 2018
The Northerner: What to Do
CityBeat: Murals with a Message

November 2017
CityBeat: Seeing Our Oneness With Elephants
Local Non-Profit Gives Refugees the "Long Welcome"

October 2017
Serenading the Bones: Animal Magnetism at Wave Pool Gallery
WCPO: Artists, makers, creating a new sense of community in Camp Washington

September 2017
Women of Cincy: Cal Cullen: Changing the Current
CityBeat: The Sleep Show at Wave Pool

August 2017
Art Daily: Wave Pool Announces Curatorial Residency Program
WCPO: Artists and book lovers have new 'Gathering Space' in Camp Washington
Soapbox: Newly Founded Welcome Project integrates refugees into local community through art
CityBeat: Fall Arts Preview

July 2017
Local 12: Contribute to Prayer Flags for Cincinnati Arts Project
CityBeat: Prayer Flags for a Better City

June 2017
CityBeat: New ArtWorks Murals Feature Big Names
WCPO: Cincinnati is becoming hub of humanitarian innovation, with focus on people-centered funding
nquirer: Meet new murals coming to Cincy this summer
CityBeat: Persistence of Mammery

May 2017
WCPO: Refugees get a Warm Welcome and a Helping Hand
CityBeat: Wave Pool is Redefining Our Contemporary Art
ocal 12: Welcome Project gives immigrants, refugees place to sell art, handmade goods

April 2017
Alternative art fair at center of immersive experience in Camp Washington

March 2017
An innovative effort looks to empower Cincinnati refugees and boost Camp Washington
eminist Art from Sara M., Michelle Vance Waddell

January 2017
Wave Pool Upgrades Our Art Scene