The Sonic Bunker

With 32 speakers or more surrounding the audience, our immersive sound venues create an environment in which musical instruments and sounds are presented to the listener in 3D, enticing the audience to deeply listen, enjoy, relax, and reset.   Our mission is simple; human unity through shared listening experience.  We host a diversity of events ranging from multi genre spatial music performances and environmental soundscape listening events, to wellness and interactive 3D audio education that allows us to be inside the music. The Sonic Bunker is a not for profit that amplifies the healing power of music. Our team members are: Daniel T. Creed – founder, artist, musician, audio engineer, Julie A. Creed – Event Specialist, Susan M. King (Master of Social Work, Our Lady of the Lake University – Mission Specialist, Daniel C. Creed – Associate in Applied Science pursuing his Bachelor of Computer Science - Autism Expert, Sandi Stonebraker (Stoney’s Village Toy Shoppe) – Music and children’s advocate, David A. Scott (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Academy of Cincinnati) – Artistic Director.

Over the course of 20 years, we have created immersive listening spaces in Bright IN, Sunman IN, and currently in Covington KY.  We have also created a mobile system that has travelled to art festivals in Camp Washington, OH and MainStrasse Village KY.  We compose and conduct music and audio performances, listening events, sound research, lead interactive performances, and educational workshops.  We have also presented contributions of other musicians and fellow sound artists.  We share the beauty of immersive sound so that live, shared listening can connect and inspire us all in deeper ways. 

Our current goal is $5000 to be used to acquire modern computer(s), the appropriate software, and a 32-channel digital interface.  We have adequate amplification, speakers, wiring, and stands to bring to light our way. Help us with this new and exciting, healing art form.

All donations are tax deductible.

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