Top of the Cycle


The concept of the Top of the Cycle show is the process of one becoming a conscious consumer of media. As a culture, we tend to focus on concepts and images that are easy to swallow and live with. At our core we want to feel peace and often times this means ignoring the struggle and destruction of the world around us in favor of things that are easier to live with. This phenomenon is often the result of our media cycle prioritizing certain stories over others that are significantly more important. As a community, we have countless individuals experiencing daily struggles and oppression yet the media pushes these experiences to the side. The goal of our show is to bring the viewer to become more aware of the significance of the media they view and how they can prioritize more impactful content.

Participating artists: Hailey Barnes, Malayna Carucci, Carly Lorenz, Mo Herbe, Sarah Rodriguez, Anne Sturgeon, Rosie Bentley, Emily Underwood, Thefaketosha, Meggie Bailey, Hannah Josa, Theo Balick, Ruby Krimmer, Cheyenne McKinney

Music: Cream Boy (7:30-8), M.Lowe (8:15-9) and Vermont (9:15-10)