Learn to use tools and make things! 

Our wood shop has been busy getting an upgrade! We've gained new tools including a planer, joiner, drill press, band saw, as well as dust collectors and new hand tools. We've re-organized, and now have a wood shop manager and in-house wood working expert, Scott Bellissemo, manning the shop! And because of this new staff and re-envisioning of the wood shop, Wave Pool members at ANY level will now have access with supervision and advice from Scott. The wood shop now has members hours on Saturdays from 12-5pm. Any member is welcome to come in and utilize the tools available after signing a waiver and getting some basic training from Scott. Please schedule a training course (at a cost of $30) by emailing sbellissemo@gmail.com as a first step towards seeing your woodworking dreams to fruition! 

Classes are also offered and can be found under our events page when they are open for registration. If you have an idea or something you'd really like help building, please stop in or send us a message! 


The Wave Pool Wood Shop is supported by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation as well as by the Wave Pool Membership Program.