Art Space Is Your Space

The Wave Pool Art Space Is Your Space Program awards sponsored residencies to local, national, and international artists interested in engaging Cincinnati with their artistic practice. Residencies of 2-6 weeks include flexible live/work studio space, a month long exhibition in our gallery (when appropriate), opportunities for artistic community engagement and programming, and a $1500 stipend for the project (which includes living/travel expenses). Residents become part of the dynamic artistic community of Cincinnati, Ohio and are asked to engage the community in at least one public workshop, program, or performance during their stay.

Successful proposals are projects that collaborate with the community, utilizing a social practice methodology that makes the place and the people who are here integral to the project. Projects are to be artist developed and in line with their work. The program emphasizes two-way engagement, offering exceptional arts experiences to Wave Pool’s local community as well as unique benefits and exhibition opportunities to the artists in residence.

To Apply: 

The annual open call period for the 2019 program is now closed. 


2018 Residents: 

The artists were selected from a pool of applicants who responded to the open call in Fall 2017. Applications were reviewed by the Creative Review Committee, a jury consisting of local arts professionals and community members Mark deJong, Liz Knodle, Steven Matijcio, Maria Seda-Reeder, Sara Vance Waddell, Joe Gorman, Cal Cullen, and Skip Cullen.


In May 2018 Wave Pool we welcomed Detroit-based artist Chelsea Flowers, whose practice explores subversion to popular culture and how “otherness” is created, and social and cultural critique of her environment. She explores these ideas through comedic troupes, physical play, nostalgic memorabilia, and participatory performance. During her time in Cincinnati she sought to answer the question, “Can we build communities through Play?” She created a game that tests social, cultural, and emotional knowledge. By questioning “Did O.J. do it?” “What day did Beyonce turn Black?” “Can you walk like an Egyptian?” the game also wants to know if you can “list seven young men and/or women who were murdered by police in the past four years” As Flowers’ states, “A Player will be challenged in various means. The game asked them to be okay with not knowing an answer, and to feel even more comfortable with knowing how to ask for the answer. That’s the functionality of a community. We create our own communities based on what we share and how we care for one another. Participants were able to show their care through play (verbal discussion), dance (intellectual conversation with one’s body) and investigation (openness to learning).”

 Image credit: Chelsea Flowers

Image credit: Chelsea Flowers

 Image credit: Sophie Lindsey

Image credit: Sophie Lindsey

In January 2019 Wave Pool will be welcoming UK-based, social practice artist, Sophie Lindsey. During her time in Cincinnati she will be bringing together a range of voices and perspectives across the different communities through a portable Joke Booth. Funniest Joke in Cincinnati is a project that seeks to explore the identity of Cincinnati through the jokes told within it. There are many ways you can gain an understanding of a place through humour and the jokes told/shared within different communities. Many things influence the jokes we tell, from the personal such as your family, friends and specific experiences, to current affairs, political situations and local news. Humour is as subjective as art, with tastes varying depending on demographics, cultures and personal preferences. By mapping these differences she aims to build up an image of Camp Washington, in all its complexities. Taking place alongside a growing map in the gallery space, which will be open to the public with scheduled drop in events, allowing people to see the progress and continue to share jokes. At the end of the  project a small publication will be created that brings together all/a selection of the jokes collected, creating a Camp Washington Pocket Joke Book, as a legacy of the Funniest Joke in Cincinnati.


Past Art Space Is Your Space Residents:

 Prayer Flags for Cincinnati  Whitney Sage  2017

Prayer Flags for Cincinnati
Whitney Sage

 Scavenged and Improvised  Natusha Croes  2017

Scavenged and Improvised
Natusha Croes

 A Product of Sand  RIAS Studio  2016

A Product of Sand
RIAS Studio

 Where Are You Starting?  Erin Colleen Johnson   2015

Where Are You Starting?
Erin Colleen Johnson


The 2018 Art Space is Your Space Residency Program is supported by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation as well as by the Wave Pool Membership Program and individual contributions.