Art Space Is Your Space

The Wave Pool Art Space Is Your Space Program awards sponsored residencies to local, national, and international artists interested in engaging Cincinnati with their artistic practice. Residencies of 2-6 weeks include flexible live/work studio space, a month long exhibition in our gallery (when appropriate), opportunities for artistic community engagement and programming, and a $1500 stipend for the project (which includes living/travel expenses). Residents become part of the dynamic artistic community of Cincinnati, Ohio and are asked to engage the community in at least one public workshop, program, or performance during their stay.

Successful proposals are projects that collaborate with the community, utilizing a social practice methodology that makes the place and the people who are here integral to the project. Projects are to be artist developed and in line with their work. The program emphasizes two-way engagement, offering exceptional arts experiences to Wave Pool’s local community as well as unique benefits and exhibition opportunities to the artists in residence.

To Apply: 

We are now accepting applications for residencies in 2020! To please send the following in one zipped folder to by our deadline of November 2nd, 2019:

  • Resume or curriculum vitae

  • This completed Art Space Is Your Space Proposal Form

  • Up to 15 images of recent work or up to 20 minutes of video and/or audio.*

  • $15 processing fee receipt (please send this fee via paypal button on website)

2019 Residents: 

The artists were selected from a pool of applicants who responded to the open call in Fall 2018. Applications were reviewed by the Creative Review Committee, a jury consisting of local arts professionals and community members Meredith Smith, Steven Matijcio, Maria Seda-Reeder, Sara Vance Waddell, Joe Gorman, Cal Cullen, and Skip Cullen.


In April 2019 Wave Pool will be welcoming Oakland based artist Maggie Lawson. With the residency she will be exploring the emancipatory practices of intersectional activist and founder of the Grey Panthers, Maggie Khun, through a series of site-specific installations and performances entitled, For Another Maggie. The project has been ideated and will be orchestrated by artist Maggie Lawson in collaboration with her parents Jerry and Peggy Lawson and with other inspiring older people from Cincinnati’s aging community.

Maggie Lawson received her Masters in Fine Arts at University of California Berkley in May 2018. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. By day,  Maggie Lawson cooks healthy comfort food for Bay Area elders and change-makers as her alter ego, The Heirloom Chef. By night and all the spaces in-between she creates participatory art projects. What informs her work is a commitment to using the intercultural symbols that inhabit her life to move between many worlds and generate dialogues that span different classes, cultures, and professional fields. Her nostalgia for the beauty of the past is a way to acknowledge the contributions, and the limitations, of the ancestors. Her aim is to do this through opening up avenues for participants to reflect on the past in relation to the future, and how to have a life and community of their own making.

Reach , Abigail Smithson, 2017

Reach, Abigail Smithson, 2017

In July 2019 Wave Pool welcomed Tucson based artist Abigail Smithson. During her time she will collaborate on an art installation with the basketball teams from a local STEM High School entitled, What is the Harm in a Reach? She will ask the students to draw their own versions of "reaching", "extending", "a shot" and "passing", as examples of movements made in basketball; with the final iteration of the drawings in cyanotype print form. The goal of this work is an attempt to bridge a gap and allow for sports and art to coexist in a shared space.

Smithson received her M.F.A. from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 2017 and now resides in Tucson, Arizona. With a focus on challenging the concept of documentation, Smithson’s art practice is rooted in the appreciation, translation and act of archiving objects that record their surroundings. Through collecting, photographing, drawing, writing poems and assembling sculptures, she hopes to disrupt the traditional ideas of representation and constantly re-learn how to understand a place. Through all of her artwork, both written and visual, she attempts to embody a location and a time period, to create a document, in a both nuanced and abstract way.


The 2019 Art Space is Your Space Residency Program is supported by Carrington Broeman, the Camp Washington Community Board, and Puffin West Ltd.

Past Art Space Is Your Space Residents:

Funniest Joke in Cincinnati Sophie Lindsey 2019

Funniest Joke in Cincinnati
Sophie Lindsey

Check Point  Chelsea Flowers  2018

Check Point
Chelsea Flowers

Prayer Flags for Cincinnati  Whitney Sage  2017

Prayer Flags for Cincinnati
Whitney Sage

Scavenged and Improvised  Natusha Croes  2017

Scavenged and Improvised
Natusha Croes

A Product of Sand  RIAS Studio  2016

A Product of Sand
RIAS Studio

Where Are You Starting?  Erin Colleen Johnson   2015

Where Are You Starting?
Erin Colleen Johnson

The 2019 Art Space is Your Space Residency Program is supported by Carrington Broeman and Camp Washington Community Board.