Funniest Joke in Cincinnati

ASYS project by Sophie Lindsey


Wave Pool welcomed UK-based, social practice artist, Sophie Lindsey for an ‘Art Space Is Your Space’ residency during the months of January and February 2019. During her time in Cincinnati she brought together a range of voices and perspectives across the different communities through a portable Joke Booth. Funniest Joke in Cincinnati was a project that seeks to explore the identity of Cincinnati through the jokes told within it. There are many ways you can gain an understanding of a place through humor and the jokes told/shared within different communities. Many things influence the jokes we tell, from the personal such as your family, friends and specific experiences, to current affairs, political situations and local news. Humor is as subjective as art, with tastes varying depending on demographics, cultures and personal preferences. By mapping these differences she aimed to build up an image of Cincinnati, in all its complexities. Taking place alongside a growing map in the gallery space, which was open to the public with scheduled drop in events, allowing people to see the progress and continue to share jokes.

Lindsey debuted with a soft opening and community event in the gallery on Saturday, January 26th from 6-9pm. The opening coincided with Beyond The White Savior, opening in our Locker Room Gallery.

The project included multiple chicken making workshops with Hughes Highschool, Taft Museum, and in the gallery. As well as a comedy night and an open mic night for local comedians.

The residency culminated with a chicken crossing the road parade and closing reception where visitors were able to vote to choose the Funniest Joke in Cincinnati.

The 2018 Art Space is Your Space residency program is supported by the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile JR/U.S Bank Foundation as well as by individual contributions.