The Locker Room Gallery

Wave Pool’s upstairs community gallery space, known as the “Locker Room Gallery,” is a thousand square foot exhibition site.  With one wall comprised entirely of ten converted former fireman lockers, this non-traditional art space is a site for performances, screenings, panel talks and workshops; and it has a more flexible exhibition schedule than our more formal downstairs gallery. 

This is a list of past exhibitions with links to more information and images (when available):

In Patterned Spaces: Julia Sebastian and Christy Wittmer
The Deep End: Art Academy of Cincinnati Response Project
Highland County: Valerie Allen
The Archive of Creative Culture
Populus Collective
Love Letters
Aural Latrinalia: A Bathroom show curated by Near*By
Domus Candela: Erin Taylor
Sharareh Khosravani
NonMemory: Nathan Meyer and Zach Evans
Head Space: Art Academy of Cincinnati Response Project
One Line Over The Other: University of Cincinnati MFA Candidate Exhibition